This agreement is by and between COLOUR HAIKU Poster and Art Festival owner Invisible Industries LLC., (“Colour Haiku, CH, Show,”) and (“Exhibitor”).


Table Space – Colour Haiku grants Exhibitor table space at the poster show on SEPTEMBER 14th, 2024, at Pomona Fox Theater (FT), 301 S Garey Ave, Pomona, CA 91766. Space usage is contingent upon full payment. Exhibitor will display and sell merchandise. Exhibitors must comply with all local, state, and federal laws. This is a revocable license, not a rental, subject to the terms in this Agreement. Required table cloths and poster clips are not included as part of the purchased space.


Space Use – Exhibitor agrees keep the space open for exhibition and sale during the hours that the Show is open. Exhibitor agrees to maintain the table space in a clean and attractive manner and to abide by all local fire, health, safety and other laws and regulations applicable to the use of such space. Exhibitor further agrees to abide by the rules and regulations announced by CH for the conduct and character of the Show and exhibits within the Show.


Artist Responsibilities/ Warranties – NO A.I. generated work is to sold at our event. Exhibitor ensures truthful representation of items for sale, disclosure of relevant information regarding age, origin and authenticity, and takes full responsibility any misrepresentation whether negligently or intentionally made. Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all rights, permissions, licenses and clearances necessary for the use of any and all intellectual property, including copyrights and trademarks, in connection with any exhibited item sold at the event. Artist is responsible for any and all taxes, legal forms and sellers permits as required by law.


Termination – Exhibitor agrees that CH has the sole right to terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason deemed appropriate by CH. CH shall further have the right to remove furnishings, equipment, merchandise, etc. of such exhibit from the premises immediately.


Assignment / Employees and Agents – Table assignments are at the sole discretion of CH, and Exhibitor agrees to accept the table assigned. Exhibitor agrees to supply CH in advance of the Show with the names of all employees, agents or persons that will be working in or using the table space. Exhibitor agrees not to assign this Agreement without CH’s written consent. Any unauthorized assignment is void.


Waiver: Exhibitor assumes responsibility for any property breach, loss, damage, or theft and completely indemnifies CH and FT Sponsors and heirs against any and all losses, injuries, lawsuits, or claims arising from participation in the event, use of table space or sale of merchandise sale at the Show. Disputes shall be resolved through neutral, binding arbitration in accordance with California arbitration laws. The losing party bears all arbitration costs. The agreement is binding on heirs, representatives, and successors. Headings are for convenience only. Unlawful provisions are severable. CH may change rules at its discretion. A hard copy for physical signature will be provided at the event.


Acceptance: By signing electronically, the Exhibitor, as the legally responsible party, affirms understanding, agreement, and compliance with all terms. They also represent they have the authority and are of the legal age to enter into this contract. A electronic signature is legally binding.


By signing and submitting this application, you confirm that you are the legally responsible party (18 or older / parent / guardian) and have read the following and understand, agree to, and will comply with, all rules, regulations, specifications, and submissions, incorporated herein, in their entirety. By typing your name in the field below, and submitting this form electronically, you affirm that you understand that your electronic signature is considered legally binding, and will be the legal equivalent as signing your physical signature by hand.


I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

Exhibitors Terms and Conditions Agreement

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